Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ten Things Good Teachers Know

Did you have a great teacher somewhere along the way?  I've been blessed with a few.  I've also had some real duds.  I've been thinking about the differences between really good teachers and mediocre ones, and here's one of my lists. (I'll have a longer entry later.)

10. Good teachers know they never leave work - or recognize that work never leaves them. :)

9.  Good teachers aren't afraid of students' questions.

8. A good teacher recognizes that the moment of achievement for a student should far outweigh the times of frustration.

7. Good teachers can patiently repeat and review.

6. Good teachers try to pinpoint and foster the creative strengths of students.

5. Good teachers are willing to say "I don't know;" followed by "I'll try to find out."

4. A good teacher is willing to say "I was wrong.  Here's the correction."

3.  A good teacher has a lively curiosity and is always learning.

2.  Good teachers are passionate about their subjects.

1. Good teachers care about the individuals they teach every single year! 

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